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Discover a community that supports your holistic practice at Peak Wellness Collaborative. We offer much more than just office space; we provide a vibrant, collaborative environment that fosters growth and success. As you expand your practice, you'll find your journey enriched by the network of wellness professionals around you, sharing knowledge, resources, and client referrals.

If the time isn't quite right for you to lease a space, we invite you to join our mailing list. As a part of our email community, you'll be the first to know when new suites become available, and you'll also receive updates about our practitioners, services, and special events. 


Thank you for trusting our practitioners at Peak Wellness Collaborative! Please note that all of our wellness practitioners are licensed and/or certified and are self-employed. They have their own scheduling and payment system. We have them linked through our site for your convenience but please remember that Peak Wellness Collaborative is not responsible for individual scheduling or payment.

Click here if you would like to see a list of services and practitioners.

Mary Willard Back Bend Peak Wellness Collaborative.jpeg
Age is Just a Number: Embracing Wellness at Every Stage of Life

They say age is just a number, and Mary, the vibrant owner of Peak Wellness Collaborative, is living proof of this adage. Not too long ago, she showed off some impressive skills while at a personal training session with our practitioner, KC at RockHop Training by effortlessly gliding into a backbend, a feat many half her age would hesitate to attempt. It was a beautiful testament to her philosophy: our physical capabilities are not defined by the numbers on our birth certificate but by the mindset we choose to adopt.

Peak Wellness Collaborative Wheel of Wellness - June 2024.png
PWC Wheel of Wellness

Our Peak Wellness Collaborative Wheel of Wellness is a comprehensive visual guide that encapsulates the diverse range of services offered at our center. It's our unique way of illustrating the interconnectedness of various wellness practices and their collective impact on overall health. From massage therapy to acupuncture, mental health support to skincare treatments, energy medicine, and personal training, the wheel is a testament to our integrative approach to health.

Our Wheel of Wellness recognizes and celebrates the wholeness of our being. Each spoke represents a unique path towards improved health, a balanced mind, and an uplifted spirit.

Photo Gallery

We take great pride in the aesthetic and energy of our building at Peak Wellness Collaborative. Renovations have been ongoing to the interior and exterior of the building breathing new life into the space. Take a scroll through our photo gallery to see the renovations we have made, or call us to schedule a tour.

5-Star Reviews

Rich and Mary have been renovating the building inside and outside. It looks amazing! I like the way they are bringing in homeopathic and wellness providers in one place, working to create unity within the Buena Vista Community. An awesome concept!


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