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Future Practitioners

Our distinctive complex offers a collaborative environment for licensed and certified medical and wellness professionals, facilitating the exchange of resources, knowledge, and support in growing their practices. Given the overwhelming response, our available office spaces are currently filled. However, we understand the importance of planning for future growth and are excited to announce that our annex is set for renovations soon. We invite interested wellness practitioners to join our waiting list, preparing for the opportunity to join our vibrant community. For any queries or to express your interest, please feel free to contact us. Together, we are stronger.


Thank you for trusting our practitioners at Peak Wellness Collaborative! Please note that all of our wellness practitioners are licensed and/or certified and are self-employed. They have their own scheduling and payment system. We have them linked through our site for your convenience but please remember that Peak Wellness Collaborative is not responsible for individual scheduling or payment.

Click here if you would like to see a list of services and practitioners.

Photo Gallery

We take great pride in the aesthetic and energy of our building at Peak Wellness Collaborative. Renovations have been ongoing to the interior and exterior of the building breathing new life into the space. We invite you to our Open House on June 23, 2023 to celebrate 66 years of our building and a Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

In the meantime, take a scroll through our photo gallery or call us to schedule a tour.


Phase Three Renovations Slated to Begin

One year ago on April 1st, we opened with three tenants, each leasing one-room suites. That was an exciting beginning, to see several new users confirming the concept had traction. Now, just over a year later--we're pressed to keep up with the demand for the next couple of suites for new tenants. ...

"Rich and Mary have been renovating the building inside and outside. It looks amazing! I like the way they are bringing in homeopathic and wellness providers in one place, working to create unity within the Buena Vista Community. An awesome concept!"


"Amazing! I own Juniper Counseling Services and currently lease an office suite within Peak Wellness Collaborative. The concept of a collaborative wellness center in Buena Vista has been met with open arms by the community and practitioners alike. Rich and Mary have offered a beautiful building and professional suites that are accommodating to practitioners and guests. I enjoy the collaborative approach to wellness! Thanks, Rich & Mary"


"I first went to this clinic as a patient in primary care. It was dark, outdated, and just didn’t have a very welcoming ambiance. Peak Collaborative has restored the place not just physically but also with a new vision. The space offers a renewed bright inviting space for holistic care to come to fruition even more in our community. The owners are incredible. Their professional experience and warm personalities are such a great fit for a healing environment."


"I am renting one of the building's spaces and the owners are the best! They have a fantastic vision for building a community of wellness practitioners where clients can come to one central place for all of their healing needs."


"Rich and Mary are very passionate about making this a Collaborative work environment, Buena Vista is lucky to have this up-and-coming healthcare facility."


"The owners' Mary and Rich are creating an exciting gathering space for alternative healthcare practitioners that are going to be a great addition to Buena Vista! They so generously donated the previous owners' office furniture and equipment to the community; love when business owners put the community first! Can’t wait to see who lands here!"


"I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and have rented space from PWC for almost 3 months now. The interior of the building is always very well kept and the exterior grounds are impeccably maintained. It’s a great location that allows for a lot of flexibility with grabbing lunch, being close to schools, etc. It’s a quiet workspace where other tenants are respectful of each other and the common spaces. My dad and stepmom are the owners and are always making changes to improve the building. They’re open to any suggestions and very willing to help when small issues arise. For example adjusting door hardware, heat access, etc. So far I’ve really enjoyed having a workspace to retreat to. I look forward to the growth of the space and additional networking opportunities for other healthcare practitioners. Thank you Rich and Mary for being excellent landlords!"

"I am currently leasing a suite at Peak Wellness Collaborative and it is everything I need to take my small business, ApotheKelly Wellness to the next level.
The owners, Rich and Mary are more than just "landlords", they truly want to see all of their tenants succeed in our business. Their kindness and support show us that they care about us as people and are also fully committed to offering high-quality health and wellness practices to the community.
They have made outstanding changes to the building that, when they bought it had definitely seen better years. They took an outdated, dreary, and dirty medical building and have transformed it into an inviting, updated, and CLEAN space that we can proudly welcome our clients a very affordable price point.
I am excited to be a part of this collaborative wellness concept in Chaffee County and look forward to growing my business here."


"Hi, all! I’m Tallulah, a local cleaner in BV. I’ve cleaned for the Wellness Collab for a couple of months now — the moment I met the owners' Mary & Rich, I knew they were real, honest, kind people! Today they allowed me to bring in Organic-made Superfood muffins that I’m selling to their marketing meeting. Rich generously allowed me to present my muffins & my cleaning business to the women involved in the meeting they had scheduled today! The Peak Wellness Community in BV is what every town needs! The lovely people there make you feel safe, warm & accepted & are ready to support you through life’s difficulties. The owners and the holistic therapists that occupy the suites are just the kind of people I’ve longed to befriend! BV is SO blessed to have Peak Wellness Collaborative!!


5-Star Reviews

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