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From Conception to Manifestation

The vision came quickly to convert a tired Buena Vista Community Medical Clinic into a bustling Wellness Center amidst a crowded clinic market in the growing mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado. That was in December of 2021. Fast forward to December 2022 and we are now doing renovations to Phase 2 of the original brick building, having tenanted most of our Phase 1 with only the kitchen still being transformed. Next week we will be holding our second monthly practitioner collaboration night, slated in the coming months on the second Tuesday of each month. This is the power hour where our practitioners showcase their respective modalities and talk further about their business development. We have a huge waiting/reception area with seating for up to 25 people, which we plan to open up for public education, rotating speakers first among our providers, then guest speakers as the case may be.

During the last 60 days, we have launched our Google Business Profile and a crisp new and informative website Peak Wellness Collaborative. We orchestrated a big giveaway event of office furniture via Facebook Marketplace, even helped people load it, and even drove a cabinet to its destination in a snowstorm!

During the last 7 days, we have welcomed a new Phase 2 tenant Cara Larimer (Enteral Connection), and shown space to a talented dentist who traveled 100 miles to see us and tour our facility. Just today we wound up with an exceptionally promising new tenant who thinks she has found her perfect space at our facility.

Mary and I try to both be present when we introduce the building and concept to new prospective tenants. We like doing our project together, she helps me prepare the spaces and select colors and materials. I work with the contractors and often do much of the work myself.

It's been a year to remember, putting us into a community-driven role where we are innovating, meeting new people, learning DIY shortcuts, and actively engaged in the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce. If you want to have a closer look, give us a call and set an appointment, we'd love to meet you and show you around.

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1 Comment

Luke Willard
Luke Willard
Dec 09, 2022

Great article!! Shows just how much work you have put into this project!!

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