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  • Rich Willard

The Importance of Speech Privacy at PWC

At Peak Wellness Collaborative we take considerations of speech privacy seriously. That's why in our phase one improvements to our first eight suites we installed new suite doors that were 1.75" thick and also equipped with weather stripping for enhanced privacy. We have a long hallway where voices can travel, which has become our focus to improve our value proposition as a high-quality wellness facility.

Today we invited one of the foremost authorities on sound masking technology to examine and protect the speech privacy of our practitioners. The proposed wireless system is designed to disperse a decibel baseline frequency through our zoned public areas which protects the privacy of sensitive conversations between our wellness professionals and their clients. The benefits include reduced distractions, enhanced privacy, and increased confidence of all parties involved.

Our goal with initiatives like this is to add another differentiator to elevate Peak Wellness Collaborative's value proposition, thereby attracting long-term, committed providers to our emerging and growing community. This month we are welcoming Lois Arndt and Alexis Norris as our newest professionals, watch for their formal introduction on our Facebook page soon.

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