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"I've read both of your books!"

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Last Friday (Friday the 13th) I participated in a panel discussion exploring the topic of the local business climate in Buena Vista and Chaffee County, as hosted by the Chaffee County Patriots. I was one of five speakers, all of whom owned a local business. The moderator was none other than John Digirolamo, author of It's Not About the Badge and It's Not About the Sex. I introduced myself to John before the meeting got started, and when I glanced at his name tag, that's when I connected the dots and exclaimed that "I've read both of your books!"

We had a brief but engaging discussion before the panel discussion commenced, and it was like I had been led to meet him over the last months, helping me to prepare for what crime in small towns like Buena Vista, Colorado, can look like. John's second book It's Not About the Sex is an expose' on the tragedy of human trafficking, and the corresponding exit and recovery of the victims detailed in his book. The victims may in fact be among us and hiding in plain sight, emotionally caged.

My path forward is leading me to attend an event or meeting of BV Hope, a local organization that meets the third Wednesday of each month. Survivors suppress their memories of the horrific pain they endured, often as children. Therapies exist in our Peak Wellness Collaborative that can help restore a perpetrator's identity, even unlocking the source of chronic pain in our bodies, revealing the origin of trauma, and resolving the pain from ever returning.

Our mission is to build a strong community of healers who in turn can restore an individual's peak wellness. We're young still, it's been a year, watch us grow! Mary and I both have felt that our Lord has orchestrated our lives beautifully in recent years, all the way from the Puget Sound region in Washington State, to find us living in the splendor of the Collegiate Peaks in central Colorado. We know that Peak Wellness Collaborative is the perfect business opportunity that captures our unique capabilities, which in turn will benefit the greater mountain community of Buena Vista.

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