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Leasing Picks Up - Three New Leases and More Inquiries

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

As we get further into 'phase two' of our redevelopment efforts, we are witnessing increased demand as more people discover our vision for Peak Wellness Collaborative. Already, two of our phase two suites have been leased, both before they were improved to our building standards, which we call 'occupancy ready'. It's becoming increasingly more evident how 'tight' our market is for medical/wellness office space. Most of the available space in BV is second floor, what we call a 'woody walk-up', with no dedicated parking.

Contrast that with our building, which is the only building we know of in Chaffee County that offers a collaborative theme, where we have a cohesive community of like-minded practitioners offering an array of healing modalities. Further, we have handicapped entrances on both sides of the building, reserved practitioner and guest parking in our private parking lot, with designated handicapped parking stalls. Our main entrance features a handicapped ramp with an ice-melt system, plus commercial glass entry doors with push-button height-appropriate openers for arriving and departing visitors.

We've held our rents steady so far, but that may soon change relative to our occupancy percentage, as our deferred profitability can only last so long. Our best suites are near our main entrance, with an enormous waiting room which is getting a major 'facelift'. Five new doors are ordered and will soon be installed, giving suites A, B, C, and D enhanced privacy and a great location in the building, close to restrooms and a break room with refrigerator, microwave, and sink. Pictures will be posted soon, but in the meantime, we welcome visits to our facility where you will get the overall essence of our Wellness Collaborative in less than an hour, with specific rate quotes.

Rich Willard

Managing Director

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