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"Make no mistake, it's a beast of a door!"

We choose early on to preserve some elements of the historical context of our building to honor the community's original vision when the building was first built in 1956-57. This door will remain proud and standing through our ownership. We gave it several coats of fresh paint, when other suite doors are wood grained and stained. It's 42' wide, 80" tall, and 1.75" thick, has five robust brass hinges holding it to it's frame. Make no mistake it's a beast! It's the lead that makes it so heavy!

The former X-Ray room, renamed Suite XR, one of our biggest suites in our phase one, is now carpeted and just about ready for occupancy. It is 16' deep, nearly 275 square feet, and features lead lined walls and even the door has a layer of lead sandwiched between two slabs of wood. We just installed new LED ceiling lighting, which is dimmable. The room has a closet area with new luxury vinyl tile flooring. There is plumbing access, and if desired, a sink and cabinet could be added. This was the darkroom where X-ray films were developed.

It will always be a very quiet room, large enough to accommodate a range of uses, adjoining the surgery room. We'd like to hear from users wanting to join our community, and see what ideas they can bring to the table for this unique space. I've thought about a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, for our high performance athletes cycling and climbing in our mountains. Peak Wellness Collaborative could be the only place this side of the front range where this kind of therapy is available by appointment. Any takers?

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