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Peak Wellness Collaborative becomes Newsworthy?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

A lot has happened since my last blog post, we leased two of our largest suites in the main building, and two smaller ones as well. That activity triggered a considerable amount of scheduled tasks in getting these spaces ready, and that is now accomplished. We are inviting the community to help us welcome our many new tenants on June 23rd on our front lawn for the Ribbon Cutting event which the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce is supporting. This event is our second annual BBQ, and we have retained a very special caterer. Last year's BBQ was also on June 23rd, a very special day in the history of our building.

June 23rd, 1957 was when the original brick building was first dedicated to the town of Buena Vista at an official ceremony, in honor of the many donors that had contributed to cover the cost of it's original construction for around $27,000--a facility designed and funded to bring a doctor to the tiny mountain town of Buena Vista. For 65 of the last 66 years since then, the building served the community as a clinic or hospital, operated by the non-profit organization BVCHC until we purchased the building on December 20, 2021. Our purchase marks the very first transfer of this property since it was first conceived and built, with the significant change in concept to serve the community with a WELLNESS-based preventative medicine concept!

Where does the 'Newsworthy' idea fit this blog post? Last week we were interviewed by a local reporter from the Chaffee County Times, Hannah Harn. She wanted to do a story about our building and how we chose to get involved with it. When her story comes out, we'll see what develops from all those questions and our comments on the subject of Peak Wellness Collaborative. She was interested in the diversity of our assorted practitioners, and what's next for our project. She said she wanted to publish her work before our public event, so that would likely be the June 22nd issue.

Stay tuned, it's an exciting time for us and our project, if you're reading this, come to our event, it promises to be a good one!

Richard D Willard

Managing Director

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