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The Annex to Peak Wellness Collaborative

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

When we started our project as new owners, we made a plan to stage our renovation efforts into three phases. This plan focused our efforts and budget into manageable parts, beginning with Phase I including a kitchen, the X-Ray room, two bathrooms, and eight suites at the west end of the building. There we added a new commercial glass door, replacing a metal painted door that closed off any light from the south. We added new solid core 1.75"thick suite doors, new hallway carpeting, repainted all the suites and hallway, and replaced fluorescent lights with LED fixtures.

Today seven of those eight suites are leased, with a lease going out on the last suite. We are actively working on our Phase II, which takes us down the length of the hallway to the front lobby. During Phase II's dustiest days, we leased the smallest and one of the largest suites in the building, even before they were finished. Our efforts have culminated in greater demand as we work forward. "Okay"you say, "so what's with this 'Annex' that I want to know more about?"

The Annex at Peak Wellness Collaborative

The Annex is our Phase III, which we'll begin renovating in May, before we have tenants. It is a 1,000 square foot red brick structure measuring 40' by 25'. It was used as supporting services to the Buena Vista Community Medical Clinic and later as a dentist office. Originally it was a typical small home, part of the neighborhood, until it was joined by addition to the main brick Clinic building some years ago.

The future of this Annex is yet to materialize, but it does offer some interesting possibilities: A small animal vet clinic, an acupuncture and massage practice, a sports medicine spa with contrast therapies, a dental office, a physical therapy practice, a family physician, a chiropractic suite, or a sleep clinic. For the right user/lease, we can finance the improvements to make this little gem of a property shine. Contact us if you'd like more information, want to have a look, or if you have a great idea for our Annex!

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