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Then there was light!

There were so many things that needed our attention, lighting was a high priority, but it didn't come first. Long winter days can weigh on our moods. This January, it was time to act! Down came the fluorescent fixtures, what a relief to see these removed! Off to the landfill I went!

Our building is long, we have many rooms and our large common areas all needed a lighting upgrade. When our electrician Integrity Services BV made themselves available to us, we followed Brett Rizzi's recommendations and immediately implemented our new lighting plan. Good lighting is foundational to a successful renovation, because everyone can see, feel, and appreciate the changes, and for the first time see the true paint colors. The work environment is forever changed for the better, at a lower energy cost.

Our lighting plan will take us into every room and public area, evaluating switch locations, outlets, and circuits that may be overloaded. Working with Brett and Eric has been energizing, they get a lot done fast and the results are truly outstanding! I'll be busy for months patching drywall where the original square fixtures were removed. Thanks Guys!

Rich Willard, Managing Director

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