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Eighteen Months to Fill Eighteen Suites

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

We first opened for business with three tenants on April 1, 2022 in our Phase 1, the west end of the building. Our Phase 2 was predominantly the east end areas including the main entrance and waiting area, which was under lease to a women's clinic. That lease ended a year ago, so we began to reclaim and improve those areas for leasing to the wellness community. We made steady progress, about as fast as our resources could handle, any faster would have stretched our capacity with the stretched construction labor market and our finances.

Today, we have completed our Phase 2 upgrades to all our leasable and common areas of the main building. Our first leases are being renewed, people are happy with what we've done. Folks in Buena Vista are becoming increasingly more aware of the range of services offered by our tenants, we see a lot of returning faces week after week, and our parking areas front and back are being more fully used.

Since the end of June and our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (last blog post), we've been extremely busy getting our spaces ready for the promised lease commencement dates. The value proposition we offer uniquely sets us apart. Having a supportive workplace community is one reason, our concept centers on creating community, and our community is entirely composed of certified wellness professionals. Each month we convene to introduce new practitioners and collaborate around topics important to those present. The goal is to increase trust, become better informed of what modalities are available down the hall, and build relationships, all through a lens of an abundance mindset.

We provide a break room kitchen that has a refrigerator and a microwave oven to reheat or cook a meal. We added a brand new laundry center for our massage therapists and acupuncture practitioner who generate laundry--now they can use time between appointments to do that laundry and not schlep it home. Below is our mission statement we developed when we launched the business (printed it on the back of our business cards):

"Our vision for Peak Wellness Collaborative is to build a thriving community of wellness practitioners where collaboration displaces competition, and where clients are treated and motivated to reach their peak wellness."

Now, 18 months after we first opened on April 1, 2022, we have renovated and filled 19 suites (we occupy one as building owner/manager) of our main building, comprising our Phases 1 and 2. Does that mean we're done, time to hang it up and relax? Not so fast, read on!

We hired an architect in August to design the remodel of our Annex, something we've talked about before as our Phase 3. The Annex is the adjacent attached building on the east end of our property. While they are physically connected they really are separate structures and will remain so. We hope to begin the renovation this month. Stay tuned and get in touch if you have a future need.

The plan for the Annex's 1,000 square feet is to develop 5 separate work areas with a new ADA (wheelchair accessible) bathroom, ADA access from Oak Street with plenty of street parking, and a rear exit to our private parking lot. With only 5 remaining work areas, we anticipate a short lease up period. Interested parties can register for priority consideration, it's not too early. We anticipate that it will take about 120 days to complete the interior renovation, so occupancy could be as early as February, 2024.

Richard D Willard

Managing Director


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