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PWC’s Annex—A Sprint to the Finish!

Updated: Mar 26

When we first opened Peak Wellness Collaborative on April 1st, 2022 we saw three phases to our work plan.  Phase 1 began at the West end of the main building extending eastward to a mid-point of the hallway, which was the dividing line where our only tenant's leased area terminated.  Phase 2--the occupied leased portion of our building, was to commence when the tenant’s lease expired in September 2022.  We began Phase 2 by reclaiming and renovating those areas which included the front entry and waiting room, essentially the most desirable space in the entire building.


The third and final phase of our work plan--the Annex, would follow the renovation and leasing of our first two phases.  All of that took 18 months.  In July of 2023, we hired a licensed architect to convert our conceptual plan for the Annex to scaled drawings for submittal to the Chaffee County Building Department.  They granted our building permit on October 31, 2023, which turned out to be a false start.  God's timing rules!



Because of the age of our Annex, we then were required to obtain an asbestos inspection, before obtaining a demolition permit.  Then came the report showing wall surfaces and ceiling applications included 2% asbestos particles. Next was hiring a state licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractor to follow Federal regulations and remove contaminated surfaces before we could commence demolition.  That process consumed about another month, taking us past the holidays.  

In late January we could finally remove all the old flooring and get started on framing the new walls, a time we had anticipated for two years.  Many Chaffee County Landfill runs later, our new walls are now fully framed, the new subfloor is being installed, and our electrician is hard at work replacing fluorescent light fixtures with new wiring for a whole new building plan of outlets, switches, and LED recessed fixtures.  The plumbers are scheduled this week to begin installing all new Pex plumbing and fixtures.

We have some solid pre-leasing activity for our Annex spaces and expect to announce our first new tenant soon for 71% of the building.  All surfaces and fixtures will be brand new.  The estimated completion date is May-June, so it's approaching fast!  


Mary and I have been blessed and wish to express our deep gratitude for the many people who have supported our vision and become part of our Wellness community.  We are merely the instruments of positive change and couldn’t have done it without the support and prayers of those involved.  Special thanks go to Rex Roberson, Roberson Handyman Services, LLC, for his continued involvement in our construction and finishing of the spaces.  He has become an invaluable member of our team.  

Stay tuned for more updates, including the official introduction of our new dentist and the grand opening of The Annex very soon. Together, we're stepping into a promising future of expanded wellness possibilities at Peak Wellness Collaborative.

Rich Delane Willard

Managing Director

Peak Wellness Collaborative

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